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�Of weapons I am thunderbolt, amongst cows I am Surbhi,

of causes for procreation I am Kamdev god of love and in  serpents I am �Vasuki

----- Krishna as Told to Arjun in Bhagwat Gita ( Chapter 10 � verse 28 )


Legend of Vasuki


Samudra Manthan

According to  �Bhagwat Puran�

Once Indra riding his elephant came across Rishi Durvasa who honoured him with a scented garland, Indra took the garland & places it on the elephant�s forehead, the elephant got irritated by the scent and throw off the ................For Detail Click Here...


Himalayan Hamlet Vasuki


The highest located cottages in Manali

The property is located in Vasuki Hallan Hills high up near the mountain top, on the left bank of River Beas, 5kms. from world heritage village Naggar and 13 km from Mall road Manali, amidst Apple orchards.

The cottage is in the lap of nature with quiet surroundings, only for people who are exclusively looking for peace and isolation. Excellent venue for people who want to meditate or are looking for the quiet peaceful side of Manali.

The property accommodation consist of 3 bedrooms with one master Duplex bedroom, kitchen, living room and dining room with independent balconies for all the three bedrooms to enjoy the valley view.

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